Phase 1 has been completed: we raised £190k. With a mortgage, we are now able to purchase our new building in Holbeck, Leeds UK. 

Now phase 2: raising money for the refit inside.

33159300_1537597922436617_r (1).jpeg

Your donations will help us to create a community oasis in the city for meditation, outreach work and facilities including: 

  • vegetarian cafe

  • charity shop

  • function rooms for community groups

  • meditation spaces

  • reading and chill-out areas

  • Accommodation for volunteers and guest teachers.

Donations you give will make all this possible.

Our local community will benefit, the local area of Holbeck doesn't currently have such a community space, as well as people all over the city and the North of England. 

We aim to complete the sale by end of 2018, with the internal work starting January 2019.

The grand opening will be April 2019. 

The project is managed by Director Kerry Prest with a working group of volunteers and trustees of the charity.