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Outreach and Engagement


Outreach is part of our mission; to offer benefit to the whole community, irrespective of their religious or spiritual beliefs.

Many people come to the centre for our secular activities, in particular mindfulness and meditation courses, wellbeing days and school visits.

Our lunchtime and evening meditation sessions are very popular, with regular attendances in double figures. Mindfulness courses are another popular programme, and mindfulness is a growing activity for teaching in Leeds.

We also engage with other organisations involved in wellbeing and have provided mindfulness classes to organisations such as Together Women, a charity for women who have suffered from a range of social issues and meditation sessions to Leeds City Council staff. 

Wellbeing days are organised and held at the Centre with local complementary therapists. These have been well received and we wish to make these a regular feature of our programme.

We also have a strong engagement programme with local schools, and we offer them the opportunity to come to our centre and discover more about Buddhist life and belief.

We also work with the Leeds NHS Trust and provide a volunteer chaplain.

What we would like to achieve:

We would like to offer more outreach and engagement activities but out current venue is too small. By owning a larger property and being able to hold larger events onsite will help us connect to the communities in Leeds and offer a greater and more appropriate space for interaction. Costs would also be reduced helping us work with the publics donations in a more effective way.

Our outreach work would become more organised and effective by having volunteers in one space sharing experiences and possibly even creating courses such as chaplaincy training.

If you would like to help us achieve our goal then get involved !