As a local charity, our links with other charities mean that we know there is an appetite for meeting space that is ethically sound, safe and reasonably priced. For example, we have hosted meetings for Touchstone, a mental health charity and for a Leeds City Council training session. Such facilities are a potential source of income, but more importantly they position us as a cooperative organisation and broaden our appeal.

We also host teachers from all over the world. Providing accommodation in a centre for them would be preferable to hosting them in hotels or out in the suburbs as guests of centre volunteers. Having rooms that we could let would also be a potential source of income. 

What we would like to achieve:

We would like to be able to provide rental spaces for groups and organisations that are aligned to our ethics and to be able to provide onsite accommodation for our visiting teachers. If the building was large enough we would also like to provide rental accommodation to students.

If you would like to help us achieve our goal then get involved !