Our target is £100,000 for phase 2. We know it is a tall order, but we really believe that the energy and commitment that has got the centre so far will grow and enable this to happen. 

How you can help

Create merit - help us by reciting praises to the 21 Tara's, Tara mantras and Medicine Buddha Mantras.

Fundraise - if you want to organise a fundraising event, speak to us and we will advertise it, and advise on ways to collect funds.

Let people know about us - people are often surprised about our centre when they walk through the door for the first time. The more people who are aware of the centre and this fund-raising activity, the faster we will achieve our goal.

Donate - You can donate at the centre or online. Single donations, or regular small donations, all help.

Become a donor by joining the mala-of-merit, pledging £1080 (large mala) or £210 (small mala). Each donor will receive a unique mala blessed by a very special lama.

Keep in touch - sign up for our newsletter, or even better become a friend of the centre. 

What people say about us

“This is an exciting time for the centre. From small beginnings in 1996, we have grown remarkably, due to the dedication of a huge number of people.” David Midgely, founding Director of JBCL.

“Jamyang have been a wonderful presence in Leeds for quite a few years now, bringing eminent teachers from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition to the city, running meditation classes and retreats or just providing a calm haven for those who need one (pretty much all of us).” David Lascelles, Earl of Harewood

“The careful balance between Buddhist teaching and secular teachings is a really important service to the community.” Ken Lunn, Mindfulness Teacher.

“When I first walked through the door, just a few years ago, I did not expect the centre to become such an important part of my life,” Rebecca Freer, Student Nurse

“I always enjoy teaching in Leeds, and leading the annual retreat.” Geshe Tashi M.A, Resident Teacher, Jamyang London.

“I really appreciate the broad nature of the Centre, and I would love to see it develop further.” Danny Ford, Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Teacher.

“There are few places like this, in the middle of a major city centre, so accessible to so many. Since joining as Director I have been stunned by the enthusiasm, energy and generosity of people who walk through our door.” Kerry Prest, Centre Director

Project Media


Download the project brochure here.

Business plan available on request.

Project contacts

Kerry Prest
Centre Director

Kerry has worked as Events Manager and Marketing Manager at Jamyang Buddhist Centre London, as a Programme Coordinator at Nalanda Monastery in France for 6 years, and as Events Manager at the Land of Joy retreat centre in Northumberland. He moved to Leeds to take the role of Director in September 2015.

Email: director@jamyangleeds.co.uk
Telephone: 07802 985 332

Dr Ken Lunn
Chair of the Trustees

Dr Ken Lunn is a retired NHS IT director, with long experience of managing multi-million pound budgets and complex, high profile projects. He currently teaches mindfulness at the centre and at other locations in West Yorkshire.

Email: chair@jamyangleeds.co.uk
Telephone: 07725 362 825