Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds is now 20 years old. For the last six years it has operated out of a city centre location, and has grown into a thriving community. Hundreds of people regularly attend our events, and we have regular distinguished teachers from all around the world, including visits from Lamas. The Centre currently offers a range of services:

·      Buddhist teachings and practices
·      Retreats
·      Secular teachings and practices (compatible with its charitable aims)
·      Informal social gatherings

At present it is running at the capacity of its premises, and would like to expand. The aims of the Centre are:

·      To continue to develop and expand the Buddhist teachings and practices, and to increase attendance year on year by 20%
·      To continue to deliver successful retreats, and expand these where possible
·      To expand the secular teachings and practices into new areas such as courses on mindfulness for businesses, aiming to at least double these
·      To introduce more wellbeing activities that complement the Centre’s core activities, such as Yoga
·      To continue to improve the social side

In order to achieve these, the Centre wishes to have premises that:

·      Allow for larger gatherings for Buddhist activities
·      Have a separate more neutral space for other activities, that can also be let out to appropriate third parties
·      Have a shop and cafe area that is open to the general public for part of the day
·      Provide accommodation that can be used for visiting teachers or let out

The ideal would be a city centre location not far from its current location. If that is not feasible, we will look for a location as near to the city centre as possible. We want our Centre to be accessible to everyone.